Hungarian white card

Hungarian white card for Digital nomads

Hungary introduced this month, February 2022, the white card as a type of residency permit especially for digital nomads who would like to live and work in the country for a period of time. To apply for the white card, you really need to be a digital nomad, or at least live like one, because for instance, once you live in Hungary, you cannot get in an official working relationship with an employer registered in the country. But that is not the only thing you need to know, so I will explain everything in this post.

White card or digital nomad visa

The white card is a type of temporary visa or residence permit issued by many countries, in this case Hungary, for digital nomads. If you are not a digital nomad, most probably the white card will not be for you. Digital nomads lifestyle is, very simply explained, work remotely while travelling around the world. Imagine a writer, he or she only needs a computer and internet to communicate with clients and write. That can be done from anywhere in the world, so the writer travels every 6 months or every year to a different country and works from that country while getting to know that new destination. There are many, many other variations of a digital nomad lifestyle, but I think what I explained is sufficient for this article.

Eligibility for the Hungarian white card

  • You need to prove you work and earn money outside of Hungary 
  • You have a monthly income of at least 2 thousand euros
  • You are a third country national
  • You do not work for a Hungarian company or invest or have shares in one
  • You are not in Hungary when applying
  • You cannot have a Hungarian residence permit of any type
  • It is not mandatory to be a digital nomad freelancer, you can also be a digital nomad employee or a digital nomad business owner.

Very simply put, you can only apply for the white card if you are already a digital nomad, have been a digital nomad for at least six months, you can prove that you generate income as a nomad and plan to continue to be one for as long as you stay in Hungary. 

Note: the white card is practically for single people. That means that if you are a nomad, but your couple is not, once you get the white card, she or he will not get a residence permit (of another type) to come with you. If you want to come together, you will need to be both digital nomads and apply as such. Or, one could apply as digital nomad, and the other for working holiday visa if applicable for your country.  

Third-country nationals

As this term is the one used officially in the Hungarian inmigration´s office´s website, I need to explain what it means in this context. It does not have anything to do with the term third world country. Third-country national refers to an individual who is moving to a foreign country and is processing his or her papers to legally work in that foreign country. Another way of calling an individual on that particular situation is foreign national. In the European Union (and in Hungary as a member state) you are a third-country national. Individuals from any EU member state or from the Economic European Area (EEA national) are referred in the official website as EEA national. I am explaining all this to you because it will be helpful when you will be submitting your application. One thing though, the United Kingdom is no longer a member state of the European Union, neither of the EEA, thus UK citizens in this context are third-country nationals.

By the way, the Hungarian inmigration office is not called like that, I use that term to simplify the guide. Their official name is National Directorate for Aliens Policing.

Forms and documents required

For the forms required, please see the details in the Immigration office´s website. As for the documents required, you need to present proof of income, also evidence that shows employment or company operations outside of Hungary. You will also need to present documents showing you have accomodation in Hungary as well as health insurance. Your passport as well, I almost forgot.

Application and the process

The process starts after submitting the completed forms, the documents, a recent photograph and the administrative fee. The application can be submitted in any consulate or embassy of Hungary, or in your own country. In case your application gets approved, your will be provided with a visa to enter Hungary and receive your white card. That temporary visa will be valid for only 30 days. There is also the option of submitting your application online while you are in Hungary, but only if you are from a visa-free country. In case you are applying in an embassy or consulate, make sure you contact them before submitting anything, because they might have country specific requirements.

They suppose to take 30 days to process the application, but I have seen that is not always the case. They can take much more if you do not submit the correct documents or if the documents you submit do not comply with their standards, or in case they ask for additional documents.

White card validity

The initial validity period is one year, however it can be extended for the same purpose to a maximum of one more additional year. The extension needs to be submitted one month before the initial validity period ends.


The white card is not to be confused with the working holiday or the freelancing visa. Even though they have similarities, they are not the same and different requirements apply.

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Inmigration office´s official website: Residence in Hungary (

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11 March, 2023 19:32

The consulate office said to wait until a month before traveling to apply for my White Card, but I would like to possibly secure accomodation before then. Do you know if booking a hostel for a month (or so) while I see apartments will be accepted?

1 October, 2023 16:29

Hi Renato, I am an American citizen. When filling out the white card application form, at the very end, it displays the following statement—— Kijelentem, hogy vállalom az Európai Unió tagállamai területének önkéntes elhagyását, amennyiben a tartozkodási engedély kérelmem véglegesen elutasitásra kerül.: Does the statement mean that if Hungary rejects my residence permit application, I agree to leave not just Hungary but all 27 EU member states? (US passport = visa free , Schengen and EU 90 days / 180 days ) thank you