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Hungarian visas and residence permits

Guide to all types of visas and residence permits in Hungary

In this article I will explain in brief all the visa and residence permit types in Hungary. This guide will help you mainly to know which type of permit you should apply to. Knowing this you will minimize the risk of applying to the wrong one and getting rejected, which in the future is not good for you as the rejection will be documented. A difficulty that you might encounter during the application process or indirectly with translations will be the language barrier. Important: this list does not contain permanent residence permits or citizenship. […]

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Freelancing visa business plan

Business plan tips for your Hungarian freelancing visa

This guide and list of tips is to help you to create a robust business plan with the objective of applying for the Hungarian freelancing visa, which by the way is officially called: Residence Permit for the Pursuit of Gainful Activity in the website of the immigration office in Hungary. Nonetheless, the business plan will not only help you for the application, but also for instance when getting funds from a bank, or when negotiating with partners or investors. Coming back to the application to the freelancing visa, the business plan really needs to be robust, it is a crucial factor for you to be granted with the permit. 

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Hungarian white card

Hungarian white card for Digital nomads

Hungary introduced this month, February 2022, the white card as a type of residency permit especially for digital nomads who would like to live in the country for a period of time. To apply for the white card, you really need to be a digital nomad, or at least live like one, because for instance, once you live in Hungary, you cannot get in an official working relationship with an employer registered in the country. But that is not the only thing you need to know, so I will explain everything to you in this post.

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Salsa dance

The evolution of the latin music – from salsa to reggaetón

Latin music is well known for making your shoulders, hips and legs move without you wanting it, even if you have no sense of rhythm whatsoever. There are many, many Latin music genres, but perhaps the most popular ones are salsa, merengue, bachata and nowadays the very controversial and immensely popular reggaetón. I will come back to the controversial factor of the reggaetón though. In the Hungarian culture music has a function, and if they are listening to Latin music most probably they are partying and/or dancing. Other genres are used for when doing sports, to relax or to convey emotions or what they think about a topic. […]

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A Panamanian in Budapest A Panamanian in Budapest