What Hungarians are like in a working environment

Working culture in Hungary: 10 actionable tips to work with Hungarians

Cultural differences are highly underrated, I think. Despite rising trends of some countries wanting the opposite, we live in a globalized world and it does not seems like it will stop in the near future. Why? Because of declining populations in many countries, for example Japan, Italy, China, Iran, Brazil and India. Hungary is no different, and as in many countries, it needs foreign labour force. Thinking in an objective manner, the more mixed an organization is, the more they should understand and apply cultural differences related knowledge. […]

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Advantages and disadvantages of moving to Hungary

Comprehensive guide 2023: pros and cons of living in Hungary

Visiting Hungary as a tourist can entice you to the idea of moving to the country. It happens, yes, although it can also happen that you get a job offer here. In fact, most people who I know who came to the country to study or to work, stayed for longer than originally planned. However, as a tourist you only see the magic of the country, or the magic of that city you visited. In the case of Hungary’s capital, Budapest, it enchants its visitors with culture, history and visual gratification. […]

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All you want to know about Hungarian people

What Hungarian people are like (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2


This is an article about hungarian people, if you did not yet read part 1, here is the link: What Hungarian people are like (Part 1)


Here I continue with part 2:


Open and warm

At this point of the relationship, friendship, they will be very open and very warm. They will trust you many personal things that some good friends of yours in your home country would have never even thought about telling you. Do not be surprised, they are only reserved at the beginning, but when they consider you their friend, they will express their feelings openly and straightforwardly. […]

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All you want to know about Hungarian people

What Hungarian people are like (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3



Let’s assume that the same person already studied everything one or two days before the exam, so what is left is spent with practice or simulating the exam. Even like that, a Hungarian will think “I will be nervous and I will do everything wrong”. I come back now to history and soccer. The common way of thinking is: “if we failed in the last 20 years, we will fail this time too”. They apply this mindset to their daily life. My thinking is that if you fail many times, you learn, you improve and over time, you will do it better until perhaps winning. […]

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