Hungarian general work permit: application process and requirements

Work in Hungary: guide to get the residence permit for work

In this article I will explain you many details about the Hungarian work permit or residence permit for work in Hungary. First of all, what it is, who can apply to it, where from, what are the requirements, conditions and also two common scenarios which is something crucial for your planning. First, applying from your home country and second, applying while already in Hungary. Read this guide carefully, I live in Hungary since 2006 and have seen many different experiences from friends and colleagues. I used the word planning purposedly. […]

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Work in Hungary: how EU citizens get the registration card

How EU citizens get the Hungarian registration certificate (update 2024)

In this article I will explain to you in detail what the registration card is, but most importantly how to get it if you are moving to Hungary to work. Additionally, I will tell you what other personal documents you will need to acquire before and after you get the registration card which will allow you to pay taxes and be covered by the Hungarian universal healthcare system. Before explaining how to apply, I will explain you important definitions that will be helpful once you are in the immigration´s office website. 

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Hungarian visas and residence permits

Guide to all types of visas and residence permits in Hungary

In this article I will explain in brief all the visa and residence permit types in Hungary. This guide will help you mainly to know which type of permit you should apply to. Knowing this you will minimize the risk of applying to the wrong one and getting rejected, which in the future is not good for you as the rejection will be documented. A difficulty that you might encounter during the application process or indirectly with translations will be the language barrier. Important: this list does not contain permanent residence permits or citizenship. […]

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