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Hungarian couple

You know your girlfriend is Hungarian when…

My wife is hungarian, so I better omit an introduction to this post, otherwise I might get into trouble haha.. Here a list of situations that will confirm that your girlfriend, couple or wife is 150% hungarian and this will be true even if you do not live within hungarian soil.

  • You are eating, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, and instead of ketchup, soy sauce, pesto or worcester sauce, she uses tejföl (sour cream).
  • You tell her you have a cold or sore throat and she brings 5 different types of medicines, but her Dad in the background tells you “drink this son” (home-made pálinka), “this is all you need”.
  • You are having a romantic walk along the Danube bank, she suddenly sees kürtőskalács (chimney cake) and she loses her mind. You end up queueing for one hour to be able to continue your walk.
  • You told her you feel like pancakes and she brings you palacsintas.
  • You forget her name day and she does not speak to you for a week.
    FYI: name days in Hungary are almost as important as birthdays.
  • She goes ballistic whenever you forget to tell her you will be 5 minutes late.
  • You say you are hungry and her Mother brings you goulash soup, chicken paprikash, cucumber salad, sponge cake (somlói galuska) and when you finished she asks you “would you like anything else”?
  • She will under no circumstances “jó pofizni” (smile and small talk for courtesy) if she does not feel genuinely good in a place or with other people.

By the way, if you would not like to ever have a hungarian girlfriend, ask her if she is hungry when she introduces herself saying she is from Hungary.

Is your girlfriend hungarian? What would you add to the list?


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2 March, 2021 11:19

“You forget her name day and she does not speak to you for a week” Hahaha… This is soooo accurate!

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