Guide to apply for the Hungarian Residence Permit after setting up a Property Manament company.

Real estate investment and Hungarian Residence permit

In this article I will explain you details about investing in real estates in Hungary and consequently being able to apply for the Hungarian Residence Permit. With this article you will know who can apply, meaning the eligibility and on a high level, how the process looks like. This is only a guide for you to have an idea about what is necessary and how can it be done, however every case is different. Make sure you look for expert advise, every country has its own specific intricacies. […]

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The three ways to get Hungarian citizenship, by ancestry, by marriage or after living 8 years in Hungary and speaking the language.

Guide: all pathways to acquire Hungarian Citizenship

In this guide I will explain the ways by which you can acquire Hungarian Citizenship. The first one is through your Hungarian blood or ancestry. The second one is through marriage with a Hungarian Citizen (and/or children) and the third one is by naturalization which means after legally living and working in Hungary for eight consecutive years. The guide will contain the main conditions and main requirements for each pathway and it will help you as a starting point to understand which one is the best for you. […]

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Guide to understand all the types of residence permits in Hungary for students

Hungary: all types of visas or residence permits for students

In this article I will explain the main details about all types of visas or residence permits for Third-country nationals who come to study in Hungary. There are four types: first the general one, second the student mobilty type, third the traineeship permit and lastly the one for students to stay working after finishing studies. I will explain you the most important details such as who can apply, the documents required, its validity and I will also give you some advise. Here is the first one, make sure you are very clear with all conditions and requirements and seek expert advise before submitting the application. […]

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List of all permanent residence permits in Hungary

Hungary: all types of permanent residence permits explained

In this article I will explain in brief all the permanent residence permit types in Hungary which are currently four. This guide will help you mainly to know which type of permit you should apply to. Knowing this you will minimize the risk of applying to the wrong one and getting rejected, which in the future is not good for you as the rejection will be documented. A difficulty that you might encounter during the application process or indirectly with translations will be the language barrier. Important: this list does not contain temporary residence permits or citizenship. […]

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